Little Ways To Change Your Life

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today’s blog post is inspired by the summer holidays, which is a time to relax and get ready for another academic year.

I think that whenever someone says the words, “change your life”, everyone automatically thinks of something huge that will take a big amount of effort so we feel less motivated. However, I’m going to be sharing a few easy tips in which you can improve your lifestyle to hopefully become happier, healthier and improve your general mood.


As much as we all don’t like to exercise, it is an essential part of our lifestyle and impacts our lives positively so we feel more healthier and active. Exercise releases the hormone serotonin which makes us happier. If you exercise on a regular basis then you will have more confidence and see a physical difference in your body. Simply, dancing around your bedroom listening to your favourite music, going out for a run or doing a circuit will make you feeling amazing. Also, for you fellow animal lovers out there, simply taking your dog out for a walk will  improve your mood as you spending valuable time with your dog and you are out seeing nature first hand.


We all are aware of the “drink eight glasses of water a day”rule however I know for a fact that hardly any of us follow this rule. Personally, I usually drink three to four glasses a day which is not the eight glasses which you are supposed to consume each day. Lately, I’m trying to drink more water because it clears up your skin so you will feel a lot more confident and comfortable in your skin so you feel comfortable with leaving the house without any makeup on. Moreover, water keeps you hydrated which makes you feel energised and awake. Drinking lots of water also stops you from over eating.


Having morning showers or baths will make you feel more awake and therefore more prepared for the day ahead which makes you feel motivated so this will result in you being a lot more productive. In addition, this also means that you are able to go to sleep earlier which means more sleep as you don’t need to shower and bath in the evenings.


Another important way to change your life is to limit your time online however this is probably the hardest way to change your life. Everyone loves to be online whether it’s checking social media, watching Netflix or online shopping meaning that people spend several hours online everyday; which is bad. Spending so long online can damage our eyes and body but also the time spent online could be spent doing something more productive.


Having an untidy and messy room makes for an untidy mind. Personally, when my room is untidy, my mind won’t shut off because my thoughts and mind are in chaos because there is no resemblance of order in my room. However, when my room is tidy, I honestly feel like a new person! I can concentrate and makes me feel calmer and generally happier to be in my room. Also, having a tidy room makes your parents happy too!


Reading a book enables you to become more creative and improves your english. Personally, I become lost in books and as soon as I start a book I find it hard to put it down because I become engrossed in it. Reading is relaxing and causes the mind to relax and be transported into the story of the book. At the moment I’m reading: Me Before You which is truly an amazing book and to anyone who hasn’t read it, I strongly suggest you do as it is amazing!


Eating less processed food and more natural and healthier food is good for your health due to the fact that processed foods tend to contain grease which can build up in your arteries over time if processed foods are not consumed in moderation. Eating more fruit and veg will also improve your health as it speeds up your metabolism. It is also important to remember that our bodies need to have treats like chocolate and more sugary foods every once in a while as well as more healthier foods because eating good foods makes us feel good and benefits our body. But we all love chocolate and cakes (me included).

I hope that you enjoyed reading these tips that can change your life for the better. Even if only one of these changes apply to you, it will make a big difference. Have a lovely day!

Bekkah x


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