10 Things I Can’t Live Without

As it’s the middle of my summer holidays, I decided to share with you the 10 things I can’t live without. It was hard to narrow it down but here is my top 10 things/ items that I would honestly find so hard to live without.






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The thing that I wouldn’t be able to live without is my animals because I adore my animals. I’m so lucky and grateful to have my animals because I know that not everyone is so fortunate to have animals maybe through allergies or because their parents won’t let them but luckily for me my parents love animals. All my animals know me so well, they can read my emotions and they provide me with so much love. Even Obie, who is the latest edition to our family, understands me. It’s incredible how in the 3 months that we have had him, I have grown an unbreakable bond with him and I couldn’t imagine my life without him.



Cliche, I know but it is so true. My family and friends  have always been there and they are so supportive of everything I do and I have ever done.



I love to read. There is nothing better than after a hard and stressful day at school to sit and read a good book. Reading is a relaxing pass time and as soon as I start to read a book, I find it difficult to put it down so because of this I end up staying up throughout the night to finish the book I started earlier on in the day. I have just read Me Before You and honestly, it is such a heart warming and emotional book and I would recommend it to anyone. Reading a book gives your eyes a rest from all the technology we use nowadays which is much healthier but it also opens your eyes to new vocabulary which can be applied to your everyday life.



Honestly, I have an obsession with coffee. I drink it all the time, I usually have a cup with my breakfast, sometimes on a cold morning I will take a flask of it to school and when I get home from school. I don’t tend to drink it before I go to bed because it keeps me up all night (though I do when I want to stay up and read a good book). Even my dog, Sam loves coffee. You honestly can’t go wrong with a cup of coffee.



Pretty obvious but I couldn’t live with out my laptop because on my laptop I watch Netflix and YouTube, check social media, do all my homework and do my online shopping. So, if I didn’t have my laptop then I would pretty much be stuffed because I’m going into year 11 and all my revision material, coursework and homework etc is on my laptop.



My phone is my best friend! I edit my photos and check all my social media. I also, keep in contact with all my friends and family, which is really important to me. In addition, having a phone is so handy because they are portable which means that you can carry them everywhere.



Like my phone my camera is my best friend. I use it to take pictures of my animals and of nature. So, I couldn’t live without my camera because I rely on it so much to take good pictures of my passions. My camera also holds so many memories that are important to me because a camera captures a moment in time through a picture,which you can’t turn back time and relive but you can revisit and refer to the moment through your pictures.



I love to sit on my bed on a night, turn on my fairy lights, light a candle on, grab a book and be surrounded by all my animals; honestly there is nothing better.



Candles are my key to relaxing and self-indulgence. I just love to light a few and honestly they lift my mood and make my bedroom smell nice. There are so many scents of candles out there so you know that there will be a candle out there for you somewhere. My favourite scents are: vanilla, coconut, citrus. In the summer months I especially love a summer scent because even when you are at home, you feel like you are on holiday; sat on the beach.



I love to play music when I’m alone or bored, I put on my favourite jam and sometimes have a cheeky dance, whatever. I do tend to buy my music however I do use Spotify as well (however the problem with Spotify, I find that you can’t skip a song you have to listen to all the songs that are on your playlist. But you can create a personalised playlist which is tailored to your own taste). My favourite album at the moment has to be The 1975.

So that’s basically what I can’t live without. Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!

Bekkah x


2 thoughts on “10 Things I Can’t Live Without

  1. Gillian Sutcliffe says:

    Very interesting, enlightening and full of interesting news and shows what a lovely life you have and how appreciative of things you are


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