Scotland Roadtrip!

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! Long time no see.

Recently, I have just returned from a two-week road trip holiday to Scotland with my parents and our dog, Sam. Before embarking on the road trip the only places in Scotland that I had ever been was Glasgow because my Grandparents live there and also the Isle of Skye and Newtonmore, places that we stayed at two years ago on our Scottish holiday (with Sam). So I was excited to see so many new places in such a short amount of time.

It was so nice to have a break from everything because lets face it everyone needs a break. Including a break from technology because as you will see from Instagram, I haven’t been able to post daily due to the fact that we had no signal. It was also lovely spending time with my parents and Sam because life just seems so busy and hectic these days.

We started the road trip on Saturday 13th, first travelling up to the Lakes where we stayed for two nights. Then travelling up to  Dumfries and Galloway where we stayed for two nights.Travelling next to Loch Lomond and Fort William where we stayed two nights. Now we travelled up to the Isle of Skye where we stayed for three nights. Then Ullapool, John O Groats and Newtonmore where we stayed for three nights. Travelling back down, we stayed at Stirling and Lancashire for two nights.

The weather was incredible! Believe it or not, we only had one day of rain the whole two weeks which was on the Isle of Skye.

The food was amazing! Honestly, I didn’t have a bad meal. I do love to try new foods and the places that we ate at had lots of options, some that I had never tried before. One new food that I tried was vegetarian haggis because Scotland is renowned for its haggis so obviously it was a must and the haggis itself was delicious. My favourite meals included: spicy fritters, a brie and cranberry sandwich and a crab and apple salad.

Spicy fritters


On our travels we also traveled the North Coast 500, which is over 500 miles of the Scottish Highlands. Seeing, the remotest places in Scotland and seeing what amazing scenery the highlands have to offer.

Whilst my Dad was driving the motor home I spent my time: taking photos of the scenery and reading because it’s my favourite thing to do to relax. I also, was instructed with the tricky and yet funny task of looking after Sam whilst travelling because lets face it trying to keep a three-year old, energetic labrador calm is not easy.

We were also incredibly lucky that the campsites that we stayed on were stunning; they were all so well-kept and welcoming.

Overall, I had a fantastic time in Scotland. It was our first ever road trip and it won’t be our last. I loved all the beautiful beaches, cute towns and cafes and the extensive miles that we travelled (in total we travelled over 2000 miles). Moreover, I loved the aspect that every morning you woke up in a different part of Scotland. Not every two places in Scotland are ever the same, there is always a distinct difference whether that be in the landscape or in the local towns we visited.

I highly suggest a motor home road trip because a motorhome is more spacious than your average car and has onboard facilities like a bathroom and a kitchen; something that a car doesn’t have. To anyone who hasn’t visited Scotland. I highly recommend going because it’s such a beautiful and photogenic place. img_9609


I hope that you have enjoyed reading about my Scottish adventure and I hope that I have inspired you to visit Scotland. Have a lovely day!

Bekkah x





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