It’s September!

So it’s finally September! Honestly, I feel like this year has gone by so fast and before we know it we will be celebrating the start of 2017 (scary I know). September, also brings the start of Autumn which is my favourite season. I love nothing more than to wrap myself in a blanket with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and read. Bliss.


Autumn truly is a beautiful season. Bright, vibrant, green leaves start to disappear and be replaced by oranges, yellows and golds which pile up the pathways of walks and parks. Waking up to a bright and golden sun filling the sky and going to sleep with bright stars in the  black void that is our sky. In Atumn, I love to bake! Whether it be a an apple or rhubard pie or some cookies- usually on the colder days, I bake something that can be served alongside custard because custard warms me up.

September is a busy yet exciting month because September is the time when school/college starts again after having several weeks off. Lets face it, going back to school/collage is horrible after having so long off but it’s got to be done. Getting into a routine can be hard at first but eventually you get used to it. I love getting back into a routine and having things to do because everybody loves to be organised, right?

Personally, September for me, is a month which has to be organised! I feel that if I’m not organised then I start to forget homework and deadlines that need to be met. I also need to keep up to schoolwork because this year is such an important year for me as this is my last year at secondary school so staying organised definitely helps.

This month also brings its tragedies. I think that it is important that we remember and commemorate the 2,996 people who died in the 9/11 terror attack, 15 years ago this year. Having visited both the 9/11 memorial and museum in New York last October, I got a sense of just how awful and tragic this event was! Seeing it first hand really did bring home the fact that many innocent people died.

Thank you for reading. Have a lovely day!

Bekkah x




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