Seasonal Goals: Autumn 2016!

We are now swiftly travelling through September, honestly I still can’t believe how fast this year has gone! September sees the start of Autumn which I’m very excited about as typically, the weather begins to turn cold and that means several things: onesies, warm drinks, blankets, snow, dark nights and cute movie nights in. Autumn doesn’t officially begin until the 22nd of September this year but as soon as school starts again and I start getting back into my daily routines- I consider it Autumn.

As we are about to start a new season, I thought that I would write a ‘Seasonal Goals’ checklist/ to do list; I thought that it was a good idea because it enables me to plan out what I want to achieve for the duration of the season.



This season is an important season for me academically because I have my mocks. These mocks give me an insight into what it’s going to be like when I do real my real GCSE’s next year. The results will show me areas I need to improve on and areas that I don’t. My goal is to create lots of revision cards and materials and practise past papers. Doing these things now will save time next year so I can really concentrate on revising and getting good grades.


This season marks me turning 16! I haven’t got anything planned yet (I know I probably should). All I know is that I’m not into the whole ‘Sweet Sixteen’ idea. I will be a year older, a year more living on this extraordinary planet that we come home. It is exciting really because next year I will be 17 and that means I gain more independence because I can drive. My goal is to have an amazing birthday with my friends and family.


This is something that I have been thinking about for a long time. Legally, you have to be 16 to be hired so every place that I have applied for say that I’m too young so becoming 16 will enable me to be old enough legally to get a job. My goal would be to work in either: a cafe, making delicious coffees and warm beverages for people or working with animals, preparing me for the future when I’m a Vet.


Regarding fashion, Autumn has to be one of my favourite seasons. I love to explore all the shops to find new oversized jumpers that I wear on most days- they are just so god damn comfy! Scarves, basically I wear scarves with everything because I feel that they compliment a Autumn outfit perfectly! Burgundy is the colour of the season so I always like to pick up new pieces that fit in with season. This season is all about having fun and experimenting whilst staying warm.


I love to take photos! Mainly, I take photos of my animals because I find them so inspirational and they are all so photogenic so I find that taking a photo of them is easy. I may not always get the photo that I imagined in my head but I feel that I get a better one which opens my eyes more to their sweet and loving nature (if you get me). Autumn, is a great opportunity to get amazing photos with an Autumnal background- which lets face it always enhances your photos. My camera roll consists of mainly my animals, old holidays, adventures and food- I’m the type of person that takes a photo of their food if it’s really pretty and looks delicious.

Those are my five main goals for this Autumn. I hope that you enjoyed reading this post and maybe it inspired you to think of some goals that you would like to set yourself for this upcoming season. Have a lovely day!

Bekkah x





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