What I love About Autumn


It’s finally Autumn! Autumn is by far my favourite season of the whole year (and Winter although, I prefer Autumn out of the two). I don’t know what it is about Autumn but it just makes me so happy! Plus I have an Autumn birthday so of course that may add to the fact that I love Autumn so much.

Here are some things I love about Autumn and that I’m really looking forward to:

  • Hot chocolates
  • Halloween
  • Pumpkins
  • Candle, candles and more candles (because why not, you can never have too many candles?)
  • Bonfires
  • Oversized jumpers
  • Cosy socks
  • Hat, scarves and boots
  • Autumn leaves
  • Countdown to Christmas
  • Comfort food
  • Warm baths consisting of Lush
  • Cold and darker evenings
  • Conkers
  • Onesies
  • Fireworks
  • Sparklers
  • Cosy, raining days spent in bed
  • Dog walking in the leaves
  • Autumn baking


What are you excited for most in Autumn?

Bekkah x


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