Autumn Essentials

dscn0926I decided to do yet another Autumn themed blog because why not? It is Autumn and all. There are numerous things that spring to my mind when I think of Autumn, most of which I have included here (or my previous post, what-i-love-about-autumn). Typically, the nights get colder and darker so this means more cosy nights in watching Netflix, or reading; both of which I love! It also means more berry lips, hot drinks and pumpkin spiced everything.

Around this time of year, I love to burn homely, Autumnal scented candles. Usually, I burn candles all year round but I especially like to burn them in the colder, darker months because it makes my room feel uber cosy and warm; which is so important as we are approaching the colder months of the year.


During Autumn and Winer, I start to moisturize my hands more because I find that the weather makes dry and sometimes even crack (lovely I know) so I always keep one in my school bag, on my bedside table and one in my jacket pocket. During Autumn, the amount of baths I have increases. I definitely like to have a bath on an evening to relax and forget the stress of the day and also to try out my extensive range of bath bombs and oils. Approaching Christmas, I always play Christmas music in the bath because lets face it there is nothing more pleasing than relaxing in a bath and being surrounded by amazing scents when it’s dark outside.


DSCN0946.jpgA make up trend that I love, that always creeps in around Autumn, is dark, berry toned lips. In company with the darker lipsticks, I personally think that gold and smokey eyes pair perfectly. To achieve this look, the Naked 2 and 3 palette is perfect for the gold and smokey effect. There is also no harm in going for the darker plum shades, to get those eyes poppin’.

Obviously, I had to include a good Autumn read. Due to the cold and at times somewhat awful weather (which I love; it is just part of the fun) it means more time is spent inside cozying up in a blanket surrounded by your furry friends (which is most weekends for me). As you will have gathered I love to read so this an important essential for me to have a variety of books to read. I love to read my old favourites but I also like to read new books too, especially those that contain a Christmas element. Reading whilst curled up in a blanket with a hot drink in hand while the wind roars outside is honestly my idea of heaven!

Cosy sleepovers with friends where you end up drinking way too much hot chocolate, snacking on gooey chocolate cookies and all the sweets, chocolate and popcorn you can find; basically the best kind of sleepovers. Personally, I feel that Autumn sees more of these nights which makes me insanely happy.

DSCN0937.jpgLastly, WARM DRINKS! As, someone who loves to drink a hot drink (all year round, I know even in Summer), I feel like this time of year I truly fit in. There are so many fantastic flavour options, including everyone’s favourite: pumpkin spice which always appears at this time of year and spiced mulled fruit. Marks and Spencer’s do a fantastic mulled fruit infusion loose leaf tea bags, I have honestly never tried anything like it basically it’s Christmas in a cup! I would totally recommend that you try because they are perfect for this time of the year.

What are your Autumn Essentials? Do you have any book recommendations for all the cosy nights in that I will be having over the oncoming weeks?

Bekkah x


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