The Travel Tag

Hi, everyone! Recently, I was nominated by Tilly Rose from Lifeastillyrose  to do The Travel Tag. Honestly when I saw this I was insanely happy because in my short life I have been lucky enough to travel to many amazing places.

1.What do you love about travelling? 

I love the idea that everyday is a new adventure, filled with new and exciting experiences which provide memories that last a lifetime. I love to travel because it also proves to me how lucky and privallidged I am and makes me appreciate what I have in life because not everyone can be as fortunate as me.

   2. What is your favourite country I have been to so far?

This question is easy for me, America! I have been lucky to visit Florida several times and last October I had the best surprise ever of visiting New York with my parents! Honestly, it was the best experience of my life! If you haven’t been to either Florida or New York, I honestly recommend you go because they both a truly amazing places! Florida obviously has all the amazing theme parks which is very appealing to families and New York has its amazing culture and is obviously the city that never sleeps (this is actually so true).


   3. What is my favourite place in England?

This for me has to be Berwick. Oh my, I love Berwick! I love it’s cute town and the locals are so lovely. Overtime we visit Berwick, we always go to a secret beach we found the first time we went to Berwick. The beach itself is secluded and private perfect for dog walking. Sam (my dog) loves to swim so this beach is perfect for him because you basically have the whole beach to yourself.


4. What is my best travel tip? 

For me, traveling is an enjoyable experience so relax! Take in your new surroundings and don’t panic.

5. Three in flight essentials?

  • The first one is easy for me, it has to be a book. I love to read so a book is the obvious choice because I find books so relaxing and I can read anywhere whether that be on a plane or sat at a busy airport.
  • A travel pillow because I find that on a long haul flight my neck starts to hurt so I always make sure I have a travel pillow to hand.
  • Earphones because lets face it a flight can be noisy so having earphones enables me to listen to music to block out all the noise.

6. Top five places I’m dying to visit? 

  • The first place has got to be Africa! I would love to go on a wild bush tour because I love animals and I would love the experience of being up close to wild animals. Moreover, Africa is a country that has always appealed to me because of its beauty and culture.
  • My next place would have to be Edinburgh. Even though my Grandparents live in Scotland, I have actually never been to Edinburgh (which is something that I must change). My main reason for wanting to be visit Edinburgh is mainly because I have heard that there is a cat cafe there – amazing I know! I would so love to visit this cafe because it involves coffee and cats (my favourite things).
  • London is a place that I have always wanted to visit but actually never got round to. I would love to go see a show and obviously go shopping and visit all the amazing tourist places that London has offer. London is renowned for its amazing restaurants so I would love to visit a famous restaurant for example, The Ritz because dining there for a night would be a once in a lifetime opportunity.
  • Australia is also a place I’m dying to go because of its amazing scenery. I would honestly love to camp out in Australia because you would be surrounded by wild animals and in the middle of no where. Heaven.
  • Lastly, Paris. I would love to visit Disney Land just so I can say that I have done both parks: in Florida and in Paris. Paris is also renowned for its pastry and delicacies so if I was lucky enough to ever visit Paris the one food I am eager to try is macaroons because I have actually never tried them and I am seriously dying ti try them because they look so cute and delicious.

7. If I could go anywhere tomorrow where would it be?

Africa without any hesitation.

8. What is my worst experience of travelling?

I wouldn’t exactly say that I have a worst travel experience, there has been times when my plane has been delayed for several hours but it didn’t really bother me. Last year, when I was lucky to visit New York, our flight got delayed by a full day but that wasn’t bad because we got to spend an extra day in New York and instead of being at home we were still in New York, shopping at a local shopping centre before catching our new flight home.

9. Have I ever travelled to another country by not by plane?

I’m afraid I haven’t but it is something that I would love to do just for a new experience. If I was to ever visit France then I’m sure that we would catch the ferry.

10. Who do I nominate? 

I nominate:




My questions for you are…

  1. What do you love about travelling?
  2. Favourite city/country?
  3. What is your favourite holiday experience?
  4. What is your preffered method of travel?
  5. Favourite food to eat on holiday?
  6. Best item that you have purchased whilst abroad?
  7. Travel bucketlist?
  8. 5 travel essentials?
  9. What is you most memorable holiday experience?
  10. Who do you nominate?

Thank you for the nomination Tilly, I really enjoyes writing this post and sharing with you my travel experienecs. Good luck to my nominees and please don’t feel obligated to to The Travel Tag if you don’t want that’s ok. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this added Sunday extra. Have a lovely day!

Bekkah x



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