Reflecting on 2016!

Occurring to me only recently, we are nearly at the end of yet another year- scary I know! 2016 seems to have flown by (quite literally) It doesn’t seem like two minutes ago since we were celebrating the start of yet another year and now we are ending that year and beginning another.

This year has seen many highlights but also for me 2016  has been filled with a various challenges.  2016 saw me starting a blog, a venture I’m so glad that I dared to do and I actually  never believed that anyone would genuinely like and read my content but it turns out that people do so thank you to all my lovely readers for your continued support.

Travelling this year has been a truly amazing experience; something that I will remember and cherish forever. Visiting Scotland in the summer and touring around the beautiful Isles with my parents and our dog was amazing and one more place ticked off my bucket list. This trip maybe some peoples worst nightmare but for me it was a dream come true because it is always something that I have wanted to do and it was a new and different experience for me travelling in a motorhome. To add to this in the October holidays I travelled to Spain which was get again another amazing holiday in which I enjoyed spending time with my parents. I am so grateful for the experience of visiting Spain and our Scotland Road-trip.


In terms of baking, this year I have done a fair amount for both my family and friends but also for my animals. In previous years, baking I have to say hasn’t been my strong point but I do that this year I have improved. I love to bake and find it immensely relaxing because firstly you get to eat it afterwards but also because you get to see the pleasure on your loved ones faces as they eat your bakes.


This year, I have really upped my makeup game. In 2015, I wore makeup but I was never really good at it, constantly comparing my makeup to everyone else. I  used to be the annoying person that would constantly ask their friends to do my makeup because I was quite frankly terrible. I’m no professional but I can definitely say that I have improved and I have enjoyed learning. My collection has grown and I personally am surprised by how much makeup one person can buy over the course of a year- yes I have bought a lot! I am now the person that does their friends makeup and actually impresses them with my new found talent- something that I would have never thought possible a year ago.

Overall, 2016 has been a spectacular year and I hope that next year will be just as good and if not better.  Happy New Year! Have a lovely day!

Bekkah x





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