Tips to becoming stress free

So, it’s the start of the year and we have returned back to our daily lives which have now become increasingly stressful after having a few weeks off. I have certainly found that my first week back at school has been very stressful with teachers reminding me of course work due and deadlines that need to be met (oh the joys of year 11). I know that many of you will be experiencing the same emotions whether it be at work, school or life in general. Therefore, I thought it would be appropriate to write a post on ways to relax during a stressful period of the year.


What’s better after a tedious week at school or work, come home and run a nice warm bath adding your favourite Lush products and being surrounded by several candles. I love to light candles because candles are the key to relaxation and indulgence. Afterwards: moisturise then put on a face mask and painting your nails with your favourite nail polish and if you are feeling uber relaxed even add nail art because why not? By having some well-earned ‘me time’ it will make you feel super relaxed and happier in general because you have taken a break from your busy daily life.


Obviously, being the bookworm I am, I had to include reading because reading really is a relaxing pass time and a chance to get cosy.  Placing your technology to one side whilst you read is healthier due to the fact that it is allowing your eyes to rest from all the technology that we use today. Preferably, I like to read books as posed to gossip magazines however recently I have been reading magazines a lot more than I used to.


My loves. I honestly cannot stress enough (pardon the pun) how much being surrounded by animals automatically de stresses you and lifts your mood almost instantly. Personally, I would never be without my four musketeers because they provide so much happiness in my life when at times my life becomes very stressful. Cliche I know but, I don’t think that until you get an animal you appreciate the vast amounts of positivity they bring into your life.


Yes, this is probably the thing everyone does to de stress  but come on, how good is season 7 of TVD? I absolutely love to get cosy in bed or on the sofa with popcorn and watch a Netflix series. A Netflix marathon or any marathon in fact is a sure way of de stressing. We can’t forget Youtube! I love to snuggle down and watch some good old Youtube. I had to put it out there!


Ah, comfy pyjamas, fuzzy dressing gown and socks is my idea of comfy clothes- I practically live out of them when I’m not: at school, working or out and about.


So, that’s my main tips on how to become stress free. I hope that I have helped and given you some ideas. Let me know what you like to do to relax. Have a lovely day!

Bekkah x



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