Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Book Review


Harry Potter has long been a favourite for many people, me included. Whether it be the books or films you have got to love it. When the books and then the films finished, Idevastatedtated thinking that that was the end of harry potter… but of course I was wrong. Since then new additions have been brought out, new books, a film, a play and so much more: it’s never ending (not that I am complaining at in the slightest).

I never actually saw the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them until mid December, it was always the case that I would organise to go with my friends but then something always got in the way but I did eventually get to see it. I would definitely recommend to watch it (if you haven’t already) because it is amazing.

Surprisingly, it is a short book/play, much shorter than I expected in order to make it into a film so I was intrigued to see whether or not they added any more scenes in order to make it longer or if that really is how long a film is.

Prior to reading this book, I had never read a screenplay before and I really enjoyed how it was a light, easy read and found it very interesting to see how the directions and descriptions of characters are put together to make the film. Obviously, J.K Rowling has had a lot of experience with films- having a lot of input into the Harry Potter series, however, this is her first screenplay. Her character and scene descriptions really paint a visual in your head, making it immensely easy to create these fantastical images of what it would really be like. I love to read the book before the film because personally I feel that all books are better as books than films. So I am always slightly reluctant to watch the movie before reading the book as when you read a book, you do imagine what the scene looks like; how the characters look and act. Films can either be the complete opposite of what you thought therefore leaving you disappointed and wanting more or be exactly what you imaged but better as you can watch it on screen. However saying this, Harry Potter is one very few films that I love just as much as the books, I think this is because they are so closely related to the books themselves.

Overall, I really loved the plot of this book and J.K Rowling has done yet another wonderful job at creating such a weird and wonderful world within ours. The characters were really endearing and I absolutely loved the little beasts Newt (the main character) had in his case, especially the Niffler!

A general overview with the smallest of spoilers, the book is based in New York in the year 1926 where Newt (protagonist) has just arrived in the hope of finding some magical beasts to write about in his book but of course, everything doesn’t go to plan but I shall say no more in case you haven’t read/watched it. `So, if you are looking for a quick and light read then this book is definitely for you. Have you read it or watched the film? What were your thoughts? Have a lovely day!

Bekkah x


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