Since we are halfway through GCSEs, I thought that I would share my tips about studying, because let’s face it, GCSEs are stressful and require studying and some of you may too be at this crucial stage in our school life. In this blog post, I will share my tips and how I study and what works the best for me. Of course, you all certainly have your own studying methods, I just wanted to share mine with you guys in order to help you if you are sometimes a little overwhelmed with studying.


Firstly, you need to get organized. Studying a whole subject the night before the test isn’t that great, and also can be quite stressful. I usually plan my studying sessions: I used to revise for a test at least a week before, so that I can study little by little. But now that GCSEs have started, I try to revise a little bit of each subject each night and pay more attention to the exams the upcoming and next on  my exam timetable. Studying little by little is a lot less stressful and also makes you memorize things more, at least for me. The night before an exam I review the whole subject at least twice so that the information stays “fresh” in my brain. But it is important to not overwhelm your brain with excessive amounts of information as this could lead to a blank going into the exam.

Next, write all the test dates down in a diary or notebook. I write my upcoming exams and important notes regarding the test in my Happiness Planner. That way, you can visualize things better and it helps you to plan ahead your study sessions. In your diary, you can also stick memo pads, so you don’t forget to take a certain book to study or that you don’t forget to complete an important task. I don’t know about you guys, but I like when things are colorful. So if you like colors like me, don’t hesitate to highlight the important information, the test dates. Studying can be quite boring so why not get a little more creative to make it more fun?

In my opinion, the worst thing is getting back home and studying for hours. If you plan ahead your study sessions, it will make it much better. I suggest you study all the subjects but in between take little breaks. For example, study for 30 minutes a subject and then take like 10 minutes off. Then, study something else to vary. Or, if it’s the weekend or if you have a day off, you can revise for test in the morning and then another one later in the afternoon so that you can take a break in the middle and vary the subjects you have to review. Taking little breaks or time off from studying will help you think about something else for a while, makes you zone out for a bit.

In order to study well, I have to be somewhere quiet. Isolating yourself is the best way to concentrate. I am someone that gets distracted really easily so I have to be somewhere calm so that I cannot listen to people talking, etc… Being isolated will not only help you to stay concentrated but will also help you to study a little faster without being constantly interrupted.

Speaking about being interrupted, I highly suggest you put your phone in another room or at least far from where you are while revising. If you really cannot put your phone somewhere else, then at least put it on airplane mode, so that you won’t get distracted by notifications. Keeping your phone away from you while you study helps you to stay focused on the subject and get things done. If you constantly have to check your phone, it will automatically make your study sessions much longer.

So that’s it, that was my ultimate guide on studying. I really hope you liked reading this post and found it somewhat helpful.

Also, tell me in the comment section below what is your advice concerning studying because I am interested to know!

Good luck to people currently sitting their GCSEs (not that any of you need it!)

Have a lovely day!

Bekkah x


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