May Favourites


So, we are now in June! Oh how the time flies. I am glad that May is over because May has been one stressful month! With the arrival of GCSEs and the stress associated with the exams but now that we have arrived in June it means that these exams only last a few more weeks- hooray!

I am also aware that I haven’t done a favourites post since December so I thought that it was time that I gave it a try. Let me tell you, there are some weird favourites. So, here is my May favourites.

Violet Voss 

I obviously had to mention this seen as though it is amazing. This palette is honestly a gift from the heavens and it is a reasonable price seen as though it features twenty eyeshadows. I use this palette practically everyday (when I can be bothered to put eyeshadow on). My favourite shade is ‘R U Kitten Me’ because it is such a natural shade and the name is also so cute.


Hand Cream

I have always been a lover for hand cream but its something that I always for a short while then forget to do so recently I have made it a priority to moisturise my hands more because there’s nothing worse than dry hands. The hand cream from the Body Shop is perfect because it smells so nice and is so small that it fits in your bag so easily.

McVities Teacakes 

Oh my goodness! Where do I start? I have been loving these little beauties, I must have gone through five tubs; I just cannot get enough of them. They are so small and cute and I find that one truly isn’t enough and when I start eating them I cannot stop! They are heaven. If you haven’t tried them, they are a must! They are little balls of marshmallow, strawberry happiness. These teacakes are also practical for afternoon teas, simply sat in the garden with an ice cold glass of lemonade or a perfect revision partner (food always helps).


Michael Kors Perfume

Even though this isn’t technically mine it’s my mums, I love this perfume a lot and I have been wearing a lot- unknown to my mum (oops sorry mum). I love the sweet fruity scent and it is fitting for the summer time.


Turtle Teddy

A debate that always happens in my house is the fact that my mum thinks that I’m too old for teddies but you are never too old for teddies right? It is a tradition that when my dad goes on his lads holiday each year he brings me back a teddy and this year is no different, it is something that my dad has always done and has yet to fail to do so. So, during May my dad visited Croatia where he purchased me this cute little teddy, this year he went with the theme of a tortoise because as you are aware shortly after my exams I am getting one. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find a tortoise but he bought me a turtle teddy instead which is close enough.


May saw the dawning of a new challenge in the form of acrylic nails. I love them! Before this month, I had never had acrylics on because school would never allow them. To my surprise, I haven’t struggled with them at all. They have mixed reviews, people complain that they are impractical and break easily but I haven’t had any problems with mine. The nails have been fine whilst at work (working at a kennels) so I have no complaints and I can’t wait to get them done again. I opted for the paler colour and I am so glad that I did.

Harry Styles

Music wise, I have been loving Harry Styles’ new album. This album has been my revision buddy, jamming away whilst creating mind maps or revision cards. I have also found that this song has helped calm my nerves prior to an exam.

Coloured Pens

I have always been a lover for coloured pens because they are aesthetically pleasing but this month these have been my life saver in terms of revision. They have aided it, enabling me to create visually appealing revision which has helped me immensely.


I wouldn’t say that this is a favourite but it is a new essential for me. During May, I visited the opticians and I was told that I needed glasses and my instant reaction was “But glasses won’t suit me”. I chose the Tommy Hilfigure glasses because I love the brand and instantly when I saw them, I knew that they were the glasses for me. Now that I have glasses, long distance vision is definitely easier for me.

Neutragena Acne Mask

It’s no lie, I do have acne prone skin so when I saw this advertising, this product was a must for me. Like everything else featured on this post, I love this mask. It targets all aspects of the skin because there are multiple lights inside the mask. I have been using this through May and I have seen a noticeable difference. During May, my stress levels have been high so I have developed a few spots but this mask has definitely helped keep my spots at bay.

I hoped you liked reading my May favourites and that maybe I have intreeged you into buying some of them. I would love to know your favourites so mae sure that you comment below.

Have a lovely day!

Bekkah x



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