Why I Love The Happiness Planner

I have been wanting to do this post for so long now, sharing my experience of using this amazing planner and it seemed to fitting to do it now seen as though we are now venturing into June. This year is the first year that I have used the Happiness Planner and can I just say how pleased I am with it but also how annoyed at myself that I am that I never purchased it sooner.

To any of you who have no clue what the Happiness Planner is, basically it is a planner that you record your typical diary events in but the Happiness Diary is by far better than your average diary or planner because on each day you record: your meals, exercises (non of which I use but it is still helpful). Also, I love that on the top of each new day is an inspirational quote said by influential people.


I love writing everything down, from lists to what I have done throughout the day. So back in December, I received this amazing planner from my parents. I was thrilled to receive it as it’s exactly what I was after. So far, I haven’t missed a day; it has now become a habit to go to my planner and record what I have done each day.



Upon opening the planner, you are hit with positivity and amazing quotes. First of all, lets talk about how aesthetically pleasing the planner looks. It is a bloggers dream planner and very pretty. I chose the classic rose gold, white and blue theme which I adore.


The first section in the planner, is where you fill out how you are feeling and what kind of mood you are in. It asks all sorts of questions with multiple choice answers or answers you can write in yourself. I find that writing how you are feeling down really does help you to understand how you are feeling and how the planner can help work on your positivity and make you generally ‘happy’.


Once you have filled out these various pages, you will come to a table at the end which you you score, out of 5 your mood, tiredness, stress levels etc. Add these up and get a score out of 30 on how you’re feeling when you start the planner. This is a great idea, especially to look back on in the future, to see if your goals have changed in any way, or even if they came true.


Now we get into the yearly planner. Upon starting each month, you will have a months overview which you can fill out with all your plans and goals of the month. I love looking at the month in this format as you can clearly what events you have on each day so that it makes it easier for you plan around your plans.



The pages of the different days in the month, there are various sections in the planner in which you fill out (I already mentioned a few earlier in the post). You fill these boxes in everyday. It really helps you to think positively about the day and even the following days ahead, making you think on the good rather than the bad.

  • Today I’m excited about
  • Main focus
  • To-dos 
  • Tomorrow I’m excited about 
  • Meals 
  • What I achieved 


It’s great if you’re feeling down, just pick up the planner and white about your feelings, and it almost forces you to write only about the good stuff, which you should be happy for.

At the end of the panner, there is a little review you fill out of the whole year. How you felt and if you felt that you achieved what you wanted to achieve, your goals and hopes.


I love this planner so much, I definitely think it is something I need to keep me motivated, record what I love doing, and to not be so negative on my outlook of days. Think of the positives, and what makes you happy for the day.

What do you have to keep you motivated and on top of the world?

Have a lovely day!

Bekkah x


2 thoughts on “Why I Love The Happiness Planner

  1. thoughtfultash says:

    I’ve always wanted one of these! This post has just made me want it more, it looks gorgeous! Will defintely ​be putting this on my birthday list haha! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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