Florida Get Away

SURPRISE! As you will be reading this I will be on my way to Florida!

This has been planned for several months now, due to the fact that I have finished my exams and my parents thought that this was the perfect getaway since these past for months have been pretty stressful.

The last time we visited Florida was just as I was entering high school so it is ironic that we are visiting again just as I have left high school and entering college. This visit will be our sixth time visiting Florida, we used to visit a lot when I was younger with my Nana and Grandad but unfortunately they aren’t travelling with us this year because the flight is just simply too long for them.

Places I want to visit

Oh my gosh there is so many! I know for certain that we are doing all the parks because they are amazing- apart from Sea World (I don’t agree with the park). There is also a new attraction, Avatar so that is a place that we are planning on visiting.


What I’m planning on buying

I am a sucker for buying in the gift shops. I could spend all day choosing gifts, which admittedly isn’t very good for my purse.



Two words. Dipping dots. I have craved this ice cream for so long. You can’t get it any where else but America and everytime I think of America I instantly think of dipping dots. To anybody who doesn’t know what dipping dots is, it’s tiny balls of icecream that come in a variety of flavours; my personal favourite is either cookies and cream or tutti fruity.

Stay tuned to see my Florida adventure!

Have a lovely day!

Bekkah x



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